Leather Finishing Products

We stock a comprehensive range of Stahl’s high quality leather finishing products. The following lists some of the industry’s more popular products. Information on all products and technical assistance is readily available on request.

Aqueous Pigments

Pigments need to be blended with resins to achieve desired physical properties.

PP-19-212: AQ Pigment Dispersion:        Maroon
PP-19-215: AQ Pigment Dispersion:        Jet Black
PP-19-224: AQ Pigment Dispersion:        Dark Brown
PP-19-226: AQ Pigment Dispersion:        Lemon Yellow
PP-19-229: AQ Pigment Dispersion:        Golden Yellow
PP-19-230: AQ Pigment Dispersion:        Violet
PP-19-238: AQ Pigment Dispersion:        Creamy White
PP-19-256: AQ Pigment Dispersion:        Yellow Orange
PP-19-259: AQ Pigment Dispersion:        Tan
PP-19-261: AQ Pigment Dispersion:        Blue
PP-19-269: AQ Pigment Dispersion:        Brown (Havana)
PP-19-271: AQ Pigment Dispersion:        Green
PP-19-280: AQ Pigment Dispersion:        Scarlet
PP-19-285: AQ Pigment Dispersion:        Ochre
PP-20-001: AQ Pigment Dispersion:        Magenta                             

Water Based Metallic Pigments:
PP-8030: TOROTEX Micron Pigment:       Bronze Metallic
PP-8031: TOROTEX Micron Pigment:       Copper Metallic
PP-8040: TOROTEX Micron Pigment:       Pearl Metallic
PP-8045: TOROTEX Micron Pigment:       Gold Metallic
PP-8055: TOROTEX Micron Pigment:       Silver Metallic                 

Liquid Dyes

Our aniline dye solutions are miscible in water or solvents.  Used in stain coats, resin base coats and in effect or top coats.

LD-5913: Liquid Dye:                                       Bordeaux
LD-5915: Liquid Dye:                                       Jet Black
LD-5924: Liquid Dye:                                       Dark Brown
LD-5928: Liquid Dye:                                       Golden Yellow
LD-5957: Liquid Dye:                                       Orange
LD-5959: Liquid Dye:                                       Tan
LD-5962: Liquid Dye:                                       Blue
LD-5972: Liquid Dye:                                       Green
LD-5980: Liquid Dye:                                       Red/Scarlet
LD-5984: Liquid Dye:                                       Bright Red
LD-5985: Liquid Dye:                                       Ochre
LD-5986 Liquid Dye:                                        Tan/Brown                        


Solvent Pigments

Pigmented NC lacquer usually diluted with a solvent.

LP-18-413: Lacquer Pigment:                      Bordeaux
LP-18-415: Lacquer Pigment:                      Jet Black
LP-18-424: Lacquer Pigment:                      Dark Brown
LP-18-426: Lacquer Pigment:                      Yellow
LP-18-438: Lacquer Pigment:                      White
LP-18-456: Lacquer Pigment:                      Orange
LP-18-457: Lacquer Pigment:                      Tan
LP-18-461: Lacquer Pigment:                      Blue
LP-18-480: Lacquer Pigment:                      Bright Red
LP-18-485: Lacquer Pigment:                      Ochre                                   

Hand Modifiers

Used in topcoats to promote abrasion and scuff resistance; provides a soft feel and appealing patina.

HM-51-760:        Hand Modifier:
HM-132:              Hand Modifier:                                                                               



Aqueous filler paste designed to fill scars, scratches and holes in leather.

FI-78-034             Filler – Stucco:                                                                 


Resins, also called binders, form the base that holds the pigment together when dry.
Binders affect adhesion, flexibility and durability.

RA-2393:              Aqueous Acrylic Resin:
RC-78-333:          Aqueous Compact Resin:
RC-78-349:          Aqueous Compact Resin (Shiny Binder)

Top Coats & Crosslinkers

Topcoats protect the basecoat and give good physical properties and feel.  Crosslinkers complement

the topcoat and increase its physical properties; pot life is typically around 4 hours.

LS-4818-T:           Solventborne PU Lacquer Bright (replaces LS-2960)
LS-4749:               Solventborne Lacquer Dull (replaces LS-2961)
WT-78-285:         Water Topcoat  (Dull)
WT-78-286:         Water Topcoat (Bright)
XR-18-452:          Crosslinker (same as XR-79-053 & XR-2500)
XR-5570:              Crosslinker                                                                        

Levelling Aids

Added to topcoats to combat “fish-eye” etc. and to help in providing an even surface finish.

LA-1621:               Levelling Aid                                                                    


MLF-08003:         MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone)
MLF-08005:         KPM (Methoxy Propanol Solvent)
IPA20:                   Isopropanol
DL-2229:              Thinners (for LS-4818-T & LS-4749)                         


CL-577:                 Prep Wash
A great “professional only” cleaning/degreasing solution.

DP-9170:              Antique Wypa
Designed for use on antique wypa leathers to remove antique coat.

PT-4235:               Penetrator
A general purpose product that improves penetration to give better adhesion properties and surface dye uniformity.

LS-5468:               Special Solventborne Lacquer
Widely used to promote adhesion of colour coat to leather (or vinyl) substrate


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